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I lost my key. What should be the next thing to do?

As a homeowner who is interested in keeping security at home, you have two options here. Either you simply replace the key to your door lock, or completely replace the door lock itself. In both cases it is advised to seek help from our technicians, as they have all the information you might need.

How can I open a stuck doorknob?

The experts at Locksmith Burbank understand that a stuck doorknob can be really frustrating. This situation can be due to a sticky knob or perhaps a locking mechanism that is stuck inside. You may attempt spraying lubricant on the lock. However, if it doesn’t work, it may need special equipment to open the door.

Is deadbolt installation sufficient for home security?

Deadbolt installation will definitely secure some doors, especially if you choose good quality, 3-inch bolts according to Locksmith Burbank. Though, your house will be more secure if you also add supplementary security systems like alarm and CCTV systems, light motion detectors and surely ensure that all doors are locked at all times night and day.

What are the key checks for a lock?

First it must accept a key and our professionals should be able to examine the structure for purposes of repair. Moreover the entire installation should be free from debris, rust and excessive grease. Look for signs of cracking or wear and tear.

Does a Grade 1 latch lock offer the same security as a Grade 1 deadbolt?

Both door locksets offer the highest level of security in their class, but in general deadbolts are more resistant to forceful opening compared to latch locks.

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