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Learn how to repair locks and secure your property in simple steps. The best tips in the web.

Locking systems for the home or office can be difficult to choose because of the many lock types available on the market today. With the help of our brilliant tips below, you will be able to choose the right product for your doors, windows and even cabinets.

Listing your name and address on the key tag is a No-No

You will never know when you will misplace your keys or lose them along with the tag. Locksmith experts in Burbank suggest that you do not list your name and address on the tag, giving potential burglars the convenience of reaching your premises and allowing them to invade too easily.

Change locks when you are moving

When you have moved into a new house or apartment, always change your locks and keys.

Have a re-keying done

Having to do things in a rush makes you tend to forget a lot of things. Imagine if you forget your keys, what in the world do you have to do?  Get a locksmith and have him use his master key to open your doors. A duplicate key can come in handy too. Just make sure that you have a re-keying done after.

Having a lock change

There are instances when you share your home with someone else. This arrangement compels you to entrust a duplicate key of your gate and front door. When the time for your housemate to leave comes and he forgets to hand in your duplicate keys experts from Locksmith Burbank suggest that you have a lock rekey or a lock change. This is just re-securing your home.

Install a safe at home

If you keep jewelry or money in the house, safe installation is prudent to keep the valuables secure. In case someone breaks-into your home, he won't find the valuables exposed and will have a hard time dealing with a modern safe according to our experts in Burbank.

The importance of lubricating locks

Locksmith Burbank specialists suggest that you lubricate the locks whenever you have time. By then, items that are clogged inside the lock will be easily removed. It will also help you ensure that the locks are kept safe and perfect for use at all times.

Make sure the door closes well

If the door doesn't close well, the latch bolt won't enter the hole of the strike plate and the door won't lock or won't lock well. Our experts suggest checking the hinges of the door and weather seals. The door must close without having to push it hard.

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