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How to Install Mailbox Locks

11/13/2015 Back To Blog

Do you know how many people ignore the importance of mailbox locks? Although most mail is digital nowadays, you can still get bank statements and other private items through conventional mail. Securing your mailbox is securing your privacy. Do you know how many problems can pop by someone getting his hands on your bank statement? Whether you own freestanding or wall mounted letterboxes, keeping them locked is wise. Even a simple padlock would do the job, but it's best to invest in something more reliable. Some mailboxes come with locks and this is very convenient. If the existing letterbox is in bad condition, it might come cheaper to get a locked mailbox than dealing with mailbox lock repairs and trying to figure out if it would be best to replace it or not.

Install new mailbox locks

How to Install Mailbox LocksOn the other hand, if the mailbox is in good shape and you just want to have the locks replaced, you will just have to remove the old one first. Most mailbox locks are simple. You just need to remove the lock bar & the clip which keeps the mechanism secure. Once the clip is removed, the mechanism would fall off and you can replace it. You just have to slide the new mailbox door lock at the existing hole and tighten the nut. Although it is usually easier to install the new lock from scratch without having to remove the old one, there is a small detail: you will have to drill the hole on your own.

The procedure of the new installation somehow resembles the process of deadbolt installation. Of course, deadbolts are more complex but if you choose a cylinder lock for higher mailbox security, you will still have to make sure the right distances are measured before drilling the hole. You must also be sure to make the hole wide enough but not too large. Once you insert the new lock in the hole, you must make sure the key hole at the outer side of the letterbox is at vertical direction. The mechanism must be secured with the clip and the nut and if you feel it's stiff some lubrication will help. This will conclude the mailbox lock installation.

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